Range Extenders and boosters

Does your internet connection fall short in your bedroom upstairs? Do you experience signal loss on your patio? Yes? these are called dead zones and are caused by various elements such as concrete walls or appliance interference. Well, then you may need one of these simple products to improve your internet coverage.

What is a range extender/Booster?

A range extender, sometimes also referred to as a booster, will attract wireless signals from your router and repeat them via the antenna. This boosts the signal strength and bandwidth doubling internet the range so that they reach the dead zones on your property (depending on placement, number of extenders and size of property/house).

If you think that you may need one of these devices, it will be best to take up a free consultation from our Access Point technicians. They will be able to tell you what will work for your property, how many you may need, what type of extender is suitable and what is a cost effective solution for your budget.

Tip: To boost your internet strength even more, you can use plugin your devices, such as your tv, into the extender using an ethernet cable.

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